Win 7 Hangs At Welcome Screen After Installation Of Bd Free


after reading all those great reviews of Bitdefender Free I installed this program.

Before this I did an uninstall incl. registry key cleaning of Avira Anitvir Free which I used before.

The installation worked like a charm. After that BD Free work flawless.

But after that whnever I switch to another User the computer hangs.

Or everytime I do a restart the computer hangs at the welcome screen of win 7.

I suspected Spybot to interfer with BD Free and uninstalled ist. But this did not help either.

After I do an uninstallation of BD Free the computer works again.

Can somebody help me? I really want to use BD Free...


  • I had this bag too -->

    Hopefully this will be fixed...

  • Hello,

    We will investigate this further and come back with an answer.

    If you will reinstall the product can you provide us some logs if this problem still happens?


  • oli_w
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    We will investigate this further and come back with an answer.

    If you will reinstall the product can you provide us some logs if this problem still happens?


    After a reinstall the problem still occurs. I checked for all logfiles I could find. You will find them attached to this message. There is also a file stored in the directory avc3/logs but unfortunately I am not allowed to upload files with this file extension to this forum.

    Thanks for your help!

    /applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=11468" data-fileid="11468" rel="">gzserv.log

    /applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=11469" data-fileid="11469" rel="">bdfirewall.txt

  • We are still trying to reproduce your problem here.

    There is nothing wrong in the logs you have sent

    Can you tell me what win 7 are you using?

    Also if you switch virus shield to OFF, this issue continue to happen?

  • oli_w
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    The problem occured on my german Win 7 32bit system.

    Unfortunately I had to deinstall Bitdefender free in safe mode of win 7 to get my system running again. So it seems I cannot get the program working in order to set the virus shield off.


    In order to reproduce the error in combination with your support tool I reinstalled Bitdefender free, restarted (win 7 hangs again), then restarted again in safe mode, deactivated the service of Bitdefender in msconfig, made a restart again, started the Bitdefender Support Tool and then started the service manual by clicking on the program symbol.

    Bitdefender popped up with an error as seen in the screenshot attached.

    Meanwhile I opened a ticket with your support team and send the file which was created by the support tool by mail. The ticket number is 201304101001249 which I have got from by the german support.

    Thanks for your help! :)


  • oli_w
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    My odyssey has come to an end.

    After messing around with several registry entries, clean ups and numerous reinstalls I managed to isolate the problem: Acronis Trueimage 2013

    Everytime I deactivated the Acronis service within msconfig I could start Windows successfully. After activating those services Windows freezes again with Bitdefender Free installed at the welcome screen.

    The services are:

    Acronis Scheduler2 Service

    Acronis Nonstop Backup Service

    I gathered some informations about Acronis Trueimage and read various reviews which casts a damning light on it. So I decided to deinstall Acronis Trueimage. I had to do this with an special tool provided by Acronis in order to deinstall their program without any remaining traces:

    After that my system was running again without any errors with Bitdefender Free installed und working.

    In search of an alternative for Trueimage I chose Macrium Reflect. The installation was simple. The program itself is plain and without any unnecessary gadgets. And: It works with Bitdefender Free! :)

    Thank you for your effort!