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Slow Connection, Dial-up ######


Greetings! I tried posting in the feature request forum but lacl permission. Maybe there are readers who have this problem dialed in and can offer advice.

BD is a bit of a bandwidth pig on a slow connection it can be very frustrating (My best is 26kbit). Laptop mode helps a bit, I am going to contact tech support next time I'm on a hispeed connection and get advice on my program settings to see if I miossed something obvious...

Paranoid mode stops some programs from connecting, but I can see in the network activity that there are all kinds of traffic. I try to keep all my program update settings to 'manual' but I must be missing sonmething. It would be nice to be able to monitor what's going on without going into the netowrk activuty and expanding all those process names makes it a bit of a pita trying to figure out what is going on...

Even if building a feature like this seems like a low priority no payback schemefor a few throwbacks living in the sticks with no money for satellite... ME!!! When those satellites go down your BD program will be ready to rock. ;)