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Events Notification On Systray Icon?


This may have already been touched on, but I'm not sure in the same way. Whilst I am sure the widget is useful for some, personally, all I want to see are whether there are any Events which need my attention. I don't have the widget visible, as I find it rather invasive of my Desktop space. What I would much prefer is a notification on the Systray icon that there are Events pending. This could either be by placing a 'number' on the icon, similar to Apple icon notifications, or, perhaps more simply, get the icon to flash red if there are Events to read, with the option to view or ignore. The ignore option would, ideally, automatically mark Events as 'Read', so the icon would revert to it's default status until the next Event comes along.

Ideally, what I would actually like is a separate popup notification of Events, with option to view or ignore - but I realise BD are trying to simplify things by not having so many popups. The option to have them, would be nice, though. Is this something the development team could look at implementing in future versions of BD?