Safe Go May Open The Bd Account Without Password


maybe i'm the only one who is bothered by this, but after i'm using by bd account dashboard or safebox etc. i log out so if anyone else is usung the pc he won't be able to log in to my account and view my details, safebox files etc.

when i activated safego for facebook, i noticed that when i enter the safego panel from the main bd interface it connects without prompting for a password.

and once your'e in the safego panel you can easily navigate to all the other panels of the bd account such as personal details, safebox etc.

i think a good idea is either prompt for "my account" password when entering the safego interface or dividing them.

i think right now there is a built-in way to bypass account password and watch personal details.

maybe it's kind of paranoid, but i suggest bd team should give it a thought.