There Is Still A Need For A Rescue Boot Cd


I am currently testing the 2014 beta which looks to be a great product once installed.

However I have had loads of pc`s to repair that because of virus/Trojans cannot acsses the internet and the anti virus programs are unable to get rid of it. This is were a rescue boot disk is essential.

Although the newer bitdefender products have the rescue boot mode built in them its no good I you don`t have thease products installed in the first place and cannot acsses the internet to install them.

The latest rescue boot cd from bitdefender works fine ON MOST BUT NOT ALL MACHINES. I have had several recently were the program either hangs at the space ship splashot or loads but cannot find a valid file system I don't KNow why and I have reported this recently on your forums and had no conclusion for this.

Please do not give up on improving this product, when I have to I`ve had to use the competitions rescue disk and I still recommend bitdefender when I`ve cured the problem for my customer.

I hope someone at bitdefender is listening.

p.s this problem also applies to usb version and using verbose mode.

Best regards TOPPER.