Access Denied To Lan System With Mac Address 000000000000

Since installing Bitdefender Total security 2013

This message is constantly appearing in my Routers Log.

"Access denied to LAN system with MAC address 000000000000"

It appears every few minutes.

Why would this happen ?



  • Not really sure what that is but how is the computer with BD doing? I mean are their any other issues? MAC address 000000000000 looks like just one of those broadcast messages. Not to be concerned with really. smile2.png

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    A quick solution for the encountered issue is to upgrade to The New Bitdefender. The upgrade is absolutely free of charge and due to the many improvements brought to this lineup any issues you may have encountered with your current product are now solved.

    In order to upgrade to the new version please follow the steps below:

    From now on, post in this area of the forum in case you encounter further issues after the upgrade:

    Thank you.