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Automatically Re-enable The Options When Switch From Laptop Mode To Normal Mode


If the power plug is disconnected and the Bitdefender switches to Laptop Mode, some options get disabled, but when the power is re-connected the disabled option don't get enable by themselves and every time the user has to set them which is very ill-logical and difficult also. So I would like to suggest to re-enable them automatically when the power is plugged-in again.


  • I agree. Sometimes this happens to me. May be a bug?

  • antikythera
    I agree. Sometimes this happens to me. May be a bug?

    yes it is a bug. had the same issue today and opened a separate thread. didn't see this one in suggestions. I will report it properly through the program itself so they get data files to look at again. i wasn't going to bother but since i'm not the only one with the issue I will do so.