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26th Of June 2013


26th of June will be a great day for BD team. The launching of BD 2014 with a new technology(photon technology) is a big step,I think, for BD. Although we do not know to much about new technology, BD is a good product but it can be better. In future requests the users have asked for two major improvements: firewall for advanced users and a better forum. Tomorrow will be the discovery day for the customers: some will be happy, others frustrated. I think BD should be more attentive to the frustrations of the users who have expressed them on forum. We are not machines but human beings therefore on forum we use irony or sarcasm in order to ease the tension created by bugs, lack of response, unsolved past problems. Does the new product have less bugs? Are the older ones fixed? Does CEO consider reorganizing the forum? We want the forum to be an exchange of experience regarding BD products, and other problems related to PCs. Not all customers are experienced but those advanced in pc technology can offer their help. And we want the moderators to be active on the forum. For me silent mode is OK, for others no. Is CEO, technical team, truly humane in solving customers' problems? We will see what the future will bring starting with 26th of June 2013.

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