Forum Upgrade

Charyb ✭✭✭
edited June 2013 in Feature request

I would like to add this to 2014 feature request so it is not forgotten.


  • I still like the idea. Voted

  • me too

  • Charyb
    Charyb ✭✭✭

    Another thing, can you please lighten up the setting on the forum flood control?

  • Yes, that was getting to me again last night, gets a little annoying. Charyb and I both know it is to help against spammers and spam bots, but can something be done to modify or change the 15/90 second wait periods?

  • Where are the moderators? Does anybody cares for the forum? Is BD interested in keeping on this forum or not?

  • I'm almost thinking that if in another week or two if there is no real responses to a majority of the posts, other than license and renewal issues, it may just become a user to user, I know it's been that way for awhile, but maybe even more so with the now quick link to Premium Services included in our BD UI Help and Support options. Cristian Amarie has been pretty good with the Safepay sub forum, but we, the inmates, may end up running the asylum... lol ^_^