Need Help With Avangate Processing

Can any BitDefender Customer Support staff help me process my order through Avangate? I am currently using the Internet Security 2013 trial and decided to pre-order the Internet Security 2014 version last week. Unfortunately Avangate said they needed more information to verify my identity or something. Anyways, I provided them the bank credit card transaction authorization code, as per the instructions in their email, but Avangate said it was incorrect. I verified it with my bank a second time and there is no problem with the code. I even had my bank call Avangate directly to provide them with the authorization code but so far my order is still pending. My order# is 18423828. I would like to continue using BitDefender but if Avangate won't let me buy it then unfortuntely I will have to move on to a different antivirus program instead...


  • Mauzier
    edited June 2013

    Hello BitDefender Customer Support, I assume you were the one that helped me out here as after being told by Avangate a second time that my authorization code was incorrect, a few minutes after being rejected the second time they said that they re-evaluated my order and allowed my order to finally go through. I'm glad at least BitDefender has their act together. :)