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Odd And Improper Behavior Of "take Proper Actions"

coolcool1227 ✭✭✭
edited June 2013 in Feature request

Found a very odd behavior of Take Proper Actions option

1) If the "Take Proper Actions" is selected for the On-Access or RTP settings, it takes a long time to detect and take action.

2) The detection technique (Signature, Heuristic etc) is not the same for Take Proper Actions and other action option in the RTP, therefore different names are given to the virus found. e.g If I select "Move to quarantine" option, and RTP found an infection, it named it as Win32.Sality.3, and when I select the option Take Proper Actions in the RTP and again detect the same infection type, this time the infection is named as "Gen:Variant.Zusy.Elzob.16734".

3) The above said infection was first "disinfected" by the cleaning routine of the Take Proper Actions, but then in the Events it shows that the Bitdefender could not clean the infection, it requires reboot to complete the cleaning process. It seems that the cleaning routine of "Take Proper Actions" is not proper and fully functional.

4) There is no indication of the infection cleaned by the Take Proper Actions upon restart in the Events.

Kindly see the attachments.







  • Rampant

    This is sad news, I'll try to carry out similar tests with the virus Virut and Expiro.

  • coolcool1227

    Kindly move in to the proper section, even if you still not interested to answer.