Restart Issue With Hybrid Sleep Enabled On W8 X64

Since installing an update for Internet Security 2014 earlier today I have experienced an issue with my USB keyboard and mouse not working after restarting the PC to apply updates. I can categorically rule out any other software, hardware or driver changes since all I have changed is the version of Internet Security.

Install sequence was remove old version using the option to save information to reinstall new version. Then installed new build with online installer. Set exclusions and personal preferences, update with patches. I ran CCleaner to check for redundant registry entries. Restarted for created rules and exclusions to take effect. System worked fine. Then another update requiring a restart downloaded and no keyboard and mouse control after that restart. All done today.

If you get the same, here is a cheaper alternative to kicking your machine and smash the monitor with the keyboard in frustration:

Disable hybrid sleep in windows power options advanced settings. Check it on each power plan if you use more than one on your machine.

This is fine for a temporary fix but hopefully a long term solution should be issued by Bitdefender.

I have submitted a support request but wanted to share what happened and how I got round it on here in case anyone else gets the same problem.


  • Seems to be resolved after updates which requested restarts today.

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    Thanks for posting back with your results :)

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