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Can't Find Harddrive In Rescue Cd

edited February 2022 in The Archive


I run Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit on an ASUS A75VM laptop. Whenever I boot up, the 'Starting Windows' screen flashes, then it proceeds into a black screen with a filling grey bar. This eventually leads into some command prompts, and into the ASUS recovery wizard. Sometimes though, it goes into a big fat red ERROR, with the window titled asrecoveryhd. When I go into my BIOS, I find that my HDD is not on my boot list, which worries me. The only two things is the 'Windows Boot Manager' and my CDROM. Here is the download link to all my screenshots, just for reference. From my research, I'm pretty positive that this is some sort of virus, unless I really screwed up my registry. Also, I'm pretty sure that all my hardware is fine as I have never dropped my laptop before.

I found the BitDefender Rescue CD system and successfully booted with it. The problem is that I cannot see my harddrive directory (1 TB) in the file manager window, nor my desktop. I believe that this is a virus messing up my computer, but I don't want to do a first partition recovery as I don't want to install all my programs again. Hopefully I can take out the virus with this system without affecting any of my other files.