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Some Requests

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Here's some stuff i'd like to see in Bitdefender:

1) A feature to import/export Bitdefender settings, especially antivirus files and folders / extensions / processes exclusions and firewall applications rules.

2) Ability to turn off autoscan without having to turn off also ALL antivirus warnings: i think that a full system scan after first install and active virus control enabled are enough to make the PC safe, and a 2 hours scan *everyday* is a bit too much. so maybe the yellow warning should appear only in case autoscan and active virus control are both turned off.

3) i know it's been requested in the past but i second this: in the popup saying a menace was found, add buttons to "Delete", "Quaratine", "Disinfect" (when possible), "Add to exclusions", "Do nothing".

4) Auto clear updates warning badge if an update is succesfully performed after one or more updates were not completed (like warning badges get cleared when antivirus or firewall protections are turned back on after turning them off).

5) Make Bitdefender respect CamelCase: if the antivirus deletes my "FalsePositive.EXE" file, i'd like to recover it as "FalsePositive.EXE" and not as "falsepositive.exe" (i noticed that also in antivirus/firewall rules CamelCase is ignored)

Thanks in advance


  • antikythera

    I'd like to see those too. In particular numbers 1 and 3.

  • 3 and 4 are the most needed i believe. Number 3 is just a given. Every other antivirus allows a popup menu for the user to choose what they want to do so why not BitDefender; the best antivirus made? I realize you guys want to make BitDefender do everything without the user's knowledge and have no alerts or popups (stealthy), but something as simple as a popup alert should be implemented; come on guys. This is an obvious choice. If someone wants it to be stealthy like you guys at BitDefender intended, then they wouldn't enable the popup alert...simple solution.

    For number 4 I always get update errors because my laptop takes a minute or so to connect to wifi after resuming from sleep or after booting up and thats when BitDefender wants to update. If I already update again, the warning should be cleared for the previous failure.

    Doing these will make BitDefender a more wanted product. For example, some people have chose not to use BitDefender because they aren't allowed to choose what to do with a virus once found. These are the people (myself included) who want more control over their product. BitDefender has barely any settings to change.

    Thanks! :rolleyes: