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Stop Spamming My Desktop With Your Ads!


The last couple of times when I have turned on the computer after about a minute Bitdefender shows an upgrade ad. This is irresponsible. I have no problem with Bitdefender sending me the occasional email with information on new products or upgrade notices but to have ads show up on a desktop is out of line. These must be stopped immediately.


I choose to allow a virus checker program to run all the time. This does not mean the virus checking program can distract me and stop my work flow by placing a pop-up ad on my desktop.


  • tg1489
    edited February 2014

    Yeah I get the same ##### I guess its not enough that I already bought there product.

  • I expect to not be annoyed by ads for a product I paid for. I thought ads were supposed to help pay for something a company gives out for free?

  • antikythera
    edited September 2013

    I got another popup yesterday when I turned on the notebook inviting me to improve the performance of my computer. Clearly there is something wrong with your control system as whatever setting you changed has made no difference.

    Please implement user controls either in the program or on so we have full control to opt in or out of your advertising campaign.

    These messages are completely unsolicited. I have asked you to stop them, had confirmation that my request had been honoured by email and I am still getting them. Therefore you are spamming.

    I do not agree at all with this enforced marketing practice and am not at all impressed. I gave you the benefit of the doubt over being able to resolve this issue satisfactorily for me.

    I am now experiencing what people on the user forum have been far less polite about. It is having an extremely negative effect on your customers and reputation.

    People have started posting reviews on other sites warning people off your product because of this issue. Please take it seriously and resolve it as soon as possible before you lose too many more customers, including my family and the clients of my IT Consultancy I was going to recommend you to to. Competitors who don't constantly spam paying subscribers will benefit more than you if you persist in this manner.

    Ticket ID:201309131019709

  • People with pop-up problems, vote with your wallet :D

  • Rohugh
    Rohugh ✭✭
    edited November 2014
    People with pop-up problems, vote with your wallet :D

    You are posting in a very old topic, with the 2015 version you can disable pop ups for special offers and product notifications. As this thread is for feature requests in the 2014 version, Bitdefender obviously took notice. :)