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Annoying Bitdefender Pop Ups

edited July 2013 in General

even though i have total security 2013 which has 200 plus days remaining, im getting sick of pop ups from this program and i cant find anywhere to turn it off.

where can i turn it off


  • antikythera

    Bore da Andy, please have a look at this post and follow the instructions it contains. the thread which is near enough at the top of the topic list is all about the same issue and this is the response from Georgia. They can do something if you supply the requested information.

  • I don't see it. I found one helpful reply instead. smile2.png

    Under Settings> General > Advanced there is an option called Configure Status Alerts. Here you can turn off three different alerts, Update Status, Antivirus Status or Browser Security Status. Only problem is I am not sure any of these 3 would solve the pop up problem. The HELP topic on this area tells little to nothing but I am going to try and turn off the Update status. My bet is that it will just stop telling me my definitions are out of date but who cares since they will update them anyway.

  • antikythera

    click the link and it displays post #63 from Georgia at the top.

    those settings don't affect the popup adverts so your bet was right ;)

  • I just found an easy solution to all the annoying account log-in popups, and the recent popup ads for Bitdefender 2015. I simply removed Bitdefender from my computer and installed Norton 360 instead. That's what I had before, because it was provided free with my former cable provider, but when I switched to Verizon Fios, who offered no free internet security software, I decided to see what else was out there. I'll do more research if I ever leave Norton again, because the popups started from day one, regardless of the software settings or msconfig changes I made to my startup services. I still had 5 months remaining on my subscription, but I place a greater value on not having to deal with irritating popups. Norton has none of that crap, and works better anyway (and is $30 cheaper). Lesson learned - never use Bitdefender products. They throw ads at you, when their job is to protect you from that sort of Malware.

    Brad (former customer)

  • Ha, what a joke. Our company buys LOTS of licenses, not for long. Keep your popups to yourself or give it to me for free.

  • lexxone


    Stop harping about "STUPID POPUPS" and learn how to use a piece of software before you make an of yourself.....

    there is a reason for "bitdefender awake" ,,,,,,its to tell you that the program is ready and defending your computer, NORTON 360 is garbage,,,,,,,,,,its so crappy its FREE!.........

    also another REASON you may be getting popups and ads all the time is because you have the FREE versions because you are to chea.p to buy a real program OR,,,you have a thing called PARANOID MODE turned on,,,,,,,,,,when this is on whatever you do or wherever you go on internet BD will pop up every single time,,,,,,,

    I have bitdefender for over 15 years!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,no popups whatsoever......................



    and no more pop ups ever,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,if you still want "bitdefender awake" pop up off its done in the registry,,,,,,,,,,,,

    or just ignore it ,its on for only 1 sec.... if that still bothers YOUR focus,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,then you need help my friend,,,,,,,,,,,,life is short,,,enjoy it!

    STOP BEING ANNOYING!!...............