Please Remove License Key From Register Your Product

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The current license information details given on the Register Your Product screen should not display the full license key. If it has to show anything for users to identify which license they installed the product from please put it like A***BCD. The full code should never be so easily accessible on screen.

I therefore wouldn't want to share access to my PC knowing the code is readily on display like that. Anyone can write it down and then try and activate their own PC with it. After this, the number of active machines gets exceeded, then gets the license blocked.

Solution? The entered key code generates a unique license number which is displayed instead along with the partially scrambled key code suggested above. The license number generated is used for all support requests as well.

Support Tool - also, if users posting issues on the forum need to upload logs to the forum via the standalone Support Tool they have to enter an email address which is easily accessible along with other unprotected data in the contained files. I would like to suggest that the ability to encrypt and password protect the archive is added to the tool. the password could be sent via PM to the person requesting the log.

until such time the archive can be protected properly, from now on I recommend anyone uploading them or linking to them on web storage space re-compresses with encryption and password protection using 7-zip or similar. The password could then be sent via PM to the moderator requesting the log.



  • I believe this is also what raja99 refers to here:

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    Agreed with some sort of license code, or password protection.

    As far as the support tool security, until just recently, we would run the tool, save it to our desktop, and send that file to Sendspace. We would then PM the link to Tech Support. This is just a quick example I found: So I don't know why that policy has changed and it's being asked to be posted, for everyone to see?

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    PS: Thousands of votes on 2014 beta test page.

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    Impressive link finds, werby....I do remember seeing the last one, posted right after the beta release I believe, and according to Christian's reply, he did send a request in for it.

  • ...according to Christian's reply, he did send a request in for it.
    Yeah...I've heard something... :D

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  • The best example of "CLONING" I have ever seen is our suggestions in the "Feature Request" sub-forum, before that I was almost unaware what the cloning is? :) . And yeah I have to say "Thanks" to Bitdefender for making me better understanding of the this technology.


    Excellent post by you again. :) .

    I am sure that you will keep hearing such news for the 20XY version. :P

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    Hello antikythera,

    The request on hiding the license key from the Bitdefender interface was escalated to our product manager a long time ago, but it wasn't accepted. I rememeber raja99's post. I was not 100% sure of the message he sent, that's why I wanted a few more details - just to make sure.

    As for the information requested while generating the Bitdefender support tool - it's mandatory to enter your real e-mail only if you submit it directly from the product interface. Because that's the only time when the log goes directly to our servers and generates automatically an email ticket ID in the system. Otherwise, for privacy reasons, when running the executable from the installation path or the standalone support tool you can enter any random email (e.g. [email protected]). In these 2 last cases the support tool will generate the result on the Desktop, without uploading it to our servers.

    It's easier to keep track of the logs if they are uploaded directly in the threads, as we get many spam PM-s each day.

    Thank you for your support and valuable feedback!

  • Thanks Georgia.

  • Dittos, thanks for the full explanation Georgia, especially as far as understanding the spam PMs you get and thus posting logs in the thread...hadn't thought of that.