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Rescue Cd (2013) Md5 Values Incorrect

edited February 2022 in The Archive

The current .iso download of BitDefender Rescue CD as announced in this sticky topic post from Christian has an out of date md5sum.txt file. Specifically, the following files in the .iso are not listed in the md5sum.txt file or have checksums that disagree with the checksums shown in the md5sum file:

6115888ffb3ed7e96f80e55aa41b66db ./casper/filesystem.size (actual file md5 checksum = cfd616c23e0830f2700035b1988e304b)

0d665d969abba57e5660222851a8112d ./casper/filesystem.squashfs (actual file md5 checksum = 406386906129f79fdd2f3de6feda2d70)

*** ./boot.catalog (file not in md5sum.txt list)

*** ./isolinux/ (file not in md5sum list)

(Note: I did not check the files in the ./Docs folder.)

I'm not confident to use the disk with invalid checksums. Would someone please bring the .iso (latest defs?) and the md5sum file up to date?

A checksum value for the (updated) whole .iso file would also be appreciated. Thanks kindly!



  • csalgau
    csalgau ✭✭
    edited July 2013


    I tracked that build internally and the hash that was provided at the time of the build matches the one for the linked ISO.

    That is - cf1eb853ff6f61af0a31c967e095bdef.

    All build ISOs feature an outdated md5sum.txt file. This is an issue with our build process.

    Thank you for pointing it out. I'll forward this along, but I can't provide an estimate on a fix or a new ISO in general.

    Of note - the /isolinux/ file is created during the ISO creation process, and as such is available for inclusion when the md5 checksums for the software are computed. The /boot.catalog file is left over from an older build procedure. Neither is usually included in the md5sum.txt file.