Very Important

Dear Bitdefender Experts,

I want to suggest some changes in bit defender free edition :

1.Provide a complete offline standalone installer for free edition.

2.The installer should include all updates till that month atleast.

3.The interface should be same as other main bitdefender products which provide the user a complete power of changing configuration for all available features.

4.User should have power to completely turn off bitdefender free edition & also it should be desinged in such a way that it can be used with other antiviruses for added security.This can be done by allowing the user to completely turn off/on all bitdefender modules as per his desire.This will allow users to use bitdefender as a on-demand scanner only which can be turned into a complete real time protection suite just by changing settings.

5.For updates give the same settings as other main products.Presently the latest free edition of bitdefender updates automatically without user's permission which is distracting on slow internet connections.

6.The company must think of providing more security features for protection from internet threats like those available in Avast , AVG etc.

7.Also the built in login page in bitdefender does load in my windows XP.I don't know why .I don't have any virus.So the login page should be permanently included which doesnot requires to be reloaded.The users will be required to just enter username an password for login.For signing up user should be given an alternative method by using his browser.

8.Release the new versions of free edition every time main products are updated

All these improvements will make bit defender the best free antivirus of the Planet. Good Luck!

Yours only,



  • I'm sure I've seen this post somewhere before about 4 times already ;)

    The free edition is supposed to be limited in what you can and can't do. It provides people who can't afford the subscription free protection and is not meant to as customisable or comprehensive as the full version. Your examples of Avast and AVG also cut back the features and settings in their free versions.

    If free versions could do everything like the main version, nobody would need to buy the full version.

    Also, for any of your suggestions to work it would cost Bitdefender more money to implement them and maintain it and most likely result in the free version being dropped.