[escalated to Testing team] Bd Integration To Total Commander X86 Fails...

After installation of BD-IS on Win7-x64 integration to common spreaded file manager Total Commander (Ghisler) in x32 version fails.

In x64 version of TC right click context menu shows the Bitdefender entries (on demand scan, shredder) as expected, check tc.jpg.

In x32 version of TC right click context menu shows all other x64 extensions ecept the BD entries, check tc-x64.jpg.

Because of some most important x32-only plugins often the x32 version of TC is necessary!

In Total Commander's support forum this issue is well known, but NOT depending on TC but on Bitdefender's behaviour to handle the extensions.


How to get Bitdefender's right click extension working in TC x32 right click menu?




  • There is an new hint from Ghisler (author of Total Commander) at the link shown above:

    The tcmdx64 tool loads all 64-bit shell extensions and asks them to return their context menu entries. That's how most externsions work. However, there seem to be some extensions which list menu items in the registry, so the Explorer can grab them from there. TC does not currently support this method because it's badly described, and I have never seen an extension which uses it. Maybe BitDefender uses this method.

    Maybe it helps solving this issue?

    How does BD products announce their menu entries?

  • Georgia
    Georgia ✭✭✭

    Hello bitter150,

    Thank you for taking the time to submit this issue regarding the contextual menu with Total Commander x32.

    I notified my colleagues from the testing team about your request and they will try to handle it asap.

    Thank you!

  • @Georgia:

    Did you open a ticket?

  • Hi,

    It is not necessary to open an email ticket as the testing team already has all the information to test this issue. As you can read in the subject of this thread, I've already sent the request to the appropriate department.

    Now we wait for their input. I will get back to you will more details this Thursday.

    Thank you.

  • camarie
    camarie Principal Software Developer BD Staff

    There are two things here.

    1. TC does *not* pass current directory (as explorer does) when invoking the context menu, so there is no direct way of knowing in which folder the command is invoked.

    File vault extension have *special* code to detect if caller process is TC, and have internal code to patch this and extract the correct directory.

    We'll examine if we can use the same trick also for scan extension.

    2. For X86, it is most likely that also the 32-bit shell extension should be registered on 64-bit system.

    We're check this out and we'll supply in a next update.



  • We're check this out and we'll supply in a next update.

    Thanks for evaluation. It would be really comfortable if this right click feature could be included, thanks once more!

  • Additional from TC forum:


    The x32 loads x64 extensions into special submenu "x64" using a hidden 64-bit program tcmdx64.exe.

  • ... We're check this out and we'll supply in a next update ...

    Some month have gone, no solution in last updates...

    Do you work on this issue?