Advertisement In Paid-for Software

Last night I "upgraded" from Total Security 2011 to the 2013 version.

This morning I was greeted by a huge advert suggesting that I renew my subscription - a subscription that currently has 188 days left on it.

Unless you guys can tell me how to disable this spam, I'll be uninstalling the program this weekend and buying from a competitor.

I do NOT expect to receive spam messages in a product that I have paid for and I have no problem whatsoever switching to an alternative that does not do this.

I look forward to your response.


  • I've seen this thread which dates back to December 2011 when others were complaining about you spamming paid customers:

    WHY are you still spamming paid customers when it is clearly not wanted? This kind of spam is the very thing your anti-spam feature is designed to stop. What the ###### makes you think people are willing to put up with this?

    You guys have until Monday morning to put an end to this for me. If by Monday morning there's no fix for this, I'll be switching to Norton and you can shove your 188 days up your arse.

  • Not entirely sure here but it might be worth checking. You also want to make sure that the license is successfully set up. I think the upgrade went fine but the license was not retained here. smile2.png

  • welsh_andy
    edited August 2013

    well i wont be renewing now, as even with message stating no more ads, i just got another one, its a joke all these ads. you spam your customers, no wonder they leaving. joke company

  • No response from BitDefender. I've been paying for their software since 2009 but their insistence on spamming their customers by doing exactly what their own software is supposed to be preventing means that I've now switched to Norton.

    Whichever ###### at BitDefender came up with this stupid idea should be fired.

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