Firewall Fails To Show Network Usage



I've been using Bitdefender since 2004-5 and this never happened before, this has been happening a while now, randomly:

I start to see maximum usage of my bandwidth, and I see no program using it. First I see it in xFast Lan (ASrock), then I open the Bitdefender firewall and it shows the same thing, but, it doesn't show what program is using it.

I have no choice, but, to disconnect the network adapter. After a couple of minutes all is OK, but, sometimes it starts again.

I think it is a malware. What can I do? I have a look at task manager and I see no strange program, I don't know what to do and I'm thinking of just formatting and re-installing the system.






  • Georgia


    Thank you for contacting us in regards to this matter.

    A quick solution for the encountered issue is to upgrade to The New Bitdefender. The upgrade is absolutely free of charge and due to the many improvements brought to this lineup any issues you may have encountered with your current product are now solved.

    In order to upgrade to the new version please follow the steps below:

    From now on, post in this area of the forum in case you encounter further issues after the upgrade:

    Thank you.

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