it would be cool if BD could detect and delete Pup.optional.opencandy and all sort of unwanted programs like MBAM does. When this will be the case it will be the best security solution ever.But for now i still have to use MBAM because BD dont even detect such malicious programs.


  • Even if they fix this, which seems to be impossible for many years now, bugs and unresolved issues are still remaining also for many years, so Bitdefender is not going to be the best security solution ever as it never was.

    Most people trust comparison tests and reviews getting their opinion from them. Only a few people really know about reliability of those tests and reviews.

    Keep in mind that for every test by such a "decent" organization (.org, like AV etc.) BD company pays them an amount equal to 1 year salaries for 4-5 employees (in Romania).

    Perhaps this makes you understand why companies like BD are interesting more on sales (advertising paid tests & reviews) and less on improvement and support their products.

    there are some issues with BD support i agree but it doesn't take away the quality of the product and i think it's the best overall.I have never heard of a system being infected while on BD protection.So let's give them some time to fix things.My problem is with adware (wich is not a virus) it would be nice to detect them.

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    If you perform a search on this forum you'll see many cases of infected PCs which is normal.

    There is no product with full AV protection in real world.

    New virus is an every day thing and is impossible for any AV product to face it.

    As for adware which BD cannot find, this is also a very old, common and every day BD habit :)

    Do not expect much...

    PS: In my experience with another product the adware issue does not exist. So, let me have my doubts about the quality of BD...and not only on this level.

    i hear you koop and i know 100% protection doesn't exist but then again i found BD overall pretty good and as far as adware detection maybe they think it's not a big deal that's why i let them know it is a big deal for me.If everybody do the same maybe they will take that into consideration.