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Can't Get Around 1024 Video Resolution Issue

edited February 2022 in The Archive

Like many other folks, after booting to the Rescue CD I receive the "change resolution to 1024..." message and I'm not able to go further. Starting in verbose mode results in the same error. I've tried both a USB and CD. I've read a number of Internet posts and I haven't seen a solution. Both the PC and monitor can run 1024.

This is a family member's PC and it does not have BitDefender installed on it so I can't use Rescue Mode. So to use Bitdefender I would have to boot into Windows, uninstall the current AV, install BitDefender, and boot into Rescue Mode. No thanks, I already burned my lunch hour.

I'll go grab something else but I'm a new Bitdefender customer and issues like this make me rethink my decision to walk away from Comcast's free Norton Security Suite.

I'm open to suggestions.