Bitdefender And Windows Accounts

edited September 2013 in Feature request

I've noticed while trying to sort out the restart issue on my PC that half the Bitdefender processes run under SYSTEM and the rest under my own user account in Windows. Even though my account has full working admin rights (everything else works without issue and I have double checked the settings in group policy management console), this seems to be causing a UAC Issue when program updates requiring a restart are downloaded and subsequently not installed judging by the repeated nags to restart.

So my product suggestion is that all Bitdefender EXE and services are loaded under the SYSTEM account only, with users being able to access the program settings etc. via their own windows accounts.

Alternatively, the automatic generation and use of Task Scheduler entries (like CCleaner) to grant Full Rights from windows account logon to the program modules and updater regardless of who logs in (so a process running on A N Other Account instead of SYSTEM will function like SYSTEM)will prevent the UAC issue. I have copied and used this method with SpeedFan for one example and it works well.


  • you are of course entitled to your own opinion which I respectfully do not intend to implement myself or share as a recommended solution.