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Bitdefender Update Error

edited September 2013 in Update

hello when I go to update my bitdefender 2009 Internet security, I get this error:( an error occurred during update http 404 error) please contact support!

i am not connected to vpn - proxy

I am not behind firewall

my os: windows xp sp3

I have this issue since 5 days and I am realty frustrated cause I could not get any solution around net and this forum.

I've also emailed my log file gathered by suppot tool.exe to bit defender customer care.




  • rozermartin27
    edited December 2013

    Dude don't you think you really need to update that! Download one from official site. They have came up with 2014 version as well. I don't think using 2009 for now is working great enough. Those updates are made for users sake only. With each update the virus database is updated and eventually increases the potential to remove threats instantly. Just go for an upper version. :ph34r: