Antivirus Free For Android Scheduled Scanning

edited January 2022 in Mobile Security

Is there any regularly scheduled scanning done in Antivirus Free for Android?

I have both Autopilot and Scan Storage options on. But there is no indication that a full system scan is ever performed automatically.

The large Scan button on the main screen that lets me do a manual scan only indicates that it's been several weeks since my last manual scan.

When apps are updated in the Google Play store, I see a Bitdefender notice on the bottom of the screen that the app was scanned. But I've never seen any indication that the storage is scanned, or that whatever is in memory has been scanned.

On some other products (both free and paid), a regularly scheduled full system scan is performed, and you can see a timestamp of the last automatic scan whenever you run the product. Opening Bitdefender Antivirus Free for Android and seeing a big yellow button that tells me it's been 3 weeks since my last scan doesn't give me much confidence that the application is working as it should.