Antiroot Program...

Well, I am just suggesting that bitdefender should also add in an antirootkit scanner, since I have Malwarebytes specifically for that. Not that it's even a special thing, but I'm just suggesting an option because the antirootkit scanner has caught a few things that regular AV-scanners didn't catch.


  • Bitdefender has anti-rootkit technology.

  • Bitdefender has anti-rootkit technology.

    Hahaha. I had no idea... But it sure is nice to know that it has antirootkit technology!

  • The Rootkit scan is included in the System scan:


    You can also create your own Custom Rootkit scan by going to the main BD UI, clicking the Antivirus panel/ScanNow drop down arrow/Manage Scans/New Custom task/name the scan, select you scan target/click the advanced tab and select your preferences.


  • Thanks for the heads up!

  • You're welcome. Thanks for monitoring your thread :)