Firefox Timed Out


Hello, I've got a weird problem, I'm using Bitdefender Internet Security for 7-8 months with no issues so far.

But two days ago I can't use firefox (v. 24.0), whenever I try to connect to the internet I get a connection timed out error.

All other browsers, (IE10, Chrome 30) connect without problems.

The problem is by-passed when I disable the BT Firewall.

I've tried contacting you through the program's "help & support" but I haven't receieved an answer.


  • Perhaps you might modified some settings on the Firewall. If this has been working for you before, another option would be to set the settings back to default. smile2.png

    I am having the same problems after running some windows security updates. Both explorer and Firefox refuse to connect to anything (even local addresses) unless I turn the bitdefender firewall off. I have even reset to defaults on the firewall with no change. I may try re-installing bitdefender this weekend to see if that changes anything.