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Alert For 10 Days Left


Maybe somebody does not open BitDefender , and Bitdefender is 0 Days Left .

In your opinion, someone does not open BitDefender , How do you know that the Anti-virus is inactive?

Please Alert For 10 Days Left and 2 Days Left and Bitdefender is inactive !


  • Apparently this is what the Protected Popup Channel (PPC) is for.

    From experience unfortunately I and too many others have found it is primarily being abused for marketing purposes and other non-urgent communications such as a satisfaction/feedback survey titled 'when you talk . . . we listen' which just rubs salt into the wounds when they have been asked to stop these popups so many times by different people.

    Additionally as a result of this over usage for marketing purposes, as and when there is a genuinely urgent message displayed it will just get ignored like the boy who cried wolf in Aesop's Fable.