Bitdefender Prevents Programs To Be Installed.

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I'm using windows 8.1 Pro x64 MSDN and when I install a program (Office 2013 & a Game from .iso), I had to manually disable "On-access scanning" so that the program can be installed. If I let that enabled, the program wont install (progress stuck).

Any fixes or workaround yet?



  • chickenlittle
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    The same thing happened to me when i try to install nero and microsoft office. I have been waiting for a while for the fix but nothing at all. I have to remove bitdefender to install the application. Look like bitdefender have problem with applications that have bootstrapper.

  • I'm running Win7 Home Premium and BDTS 2014. I had to disable the scanning when I loaded Nero but other than that, I've had no other problems with any other software loads. :wacko: