Internet Security 2013 - Avast User Needs Help

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I have used Avast for over 12 years and installed it on several hundred computers that I worked on. Due to their continued slip in performance on AV-Comparatives, I began looking for an alternative. I tried Bitdefender a few years ago and it locked up the first system I installed it on so I removed it and did not try again. I am trying Bitdefender again now because of its good performance reviews and a great deal on the license where I bought 20 keys. Some of my comments are just feedback and the rest is seeking some how-to help.

In Avast, I am familiar with entering global exclusions for programs such as Malwarebytes, CCleaner, defrag programs, etc. but really had to look a long time to find where that option is in Bitdefender.

Bitdefender should work on its scheduling. I finally gave up and searched help to find how to schedule a scan. Scan scheduling is hidden behind the Scan Now button. But I don't want to scan now, I want to schedule a scan for later! Perhaps something was lost in a language translation into English. I don't know.

I see no option to schedule a boot-time scan to run once. There is an option for a system startup scan but no indication if this will run once or every time the system starts. I selected the System Startup scan but it did not scan at boot but instead began scanning after a user logged in. This would not detect some rootkits.

There is a System Scan but no explanation about what is being scanned. I am a bit apprehensive that the scan may include the recovery partition which should already be write protected anyway; however, a false positive detection could result in altering files in the recovery partition which could make it useless for recovery.

Can I schedule when updates will run? I have customers who absolutely do not want anything to update during

Avast has sound options and can sound an alarm or other custom sound when it detects malware. This is very beneficial because many users see so many popup boxes that they ignore all of them now. Does Bitdefender have such an option for sounds?

Avast can send a warning message via e-mail whenever malware is detected. This is an important I use this feature for me. Can Bitdefender send an e-mail message to someone when it detects something or completes a scan?

Avast has a Remote Assistance feature that I can use to access another computer much like TeamViewer. Are there any plans to add that to Bitdefender?


  • It has been over a week and still no response to my questions. I sent an e-mail to Bitdefender 2 years ago with some questions but never received a response so I implemented another product for the customer's 280 desktops. I was hoping that Bitdefender had improved their support but this attempt has not been good. Is there another forum that they monitor?

  • I also had a problem with Bitdefender 2 months ago, emailed them and got no answer. I hope they would improve their support.

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