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A Few Minor Feature Requests


I've moved across to Bitdefender from Kaspersky Internet Security (which really didn't get on with Windows 8.1) and I'm really liking it; there are a few minor enhancements that I'd find useful that I thought that I'd add to the list.

Bitdefender's Firewall only has Enable or Disable options with the Firewall only requesting a decision when a program is first run; I'd like an "Ask User" option too (Kaspersky's Firewall requester give the Enable/Disable option with a tick box option to make the decision a permanent rule).

Something else that I'd really find useful (that I've not seen in any security suite) is the ability see which file Bitdefender's On Access scanner is scanning. I occasionally find the Bitdefender service hogging 20%+ of the processor for extended periods and it would be handy to be able to identify the particular file that's causing the issue.

Finally, and this is rather trivial, I'd quite like a bit of feedback from the taskbar icon (perhaps a graphic showing if the On Access Scanner is in operation etc.). When Windows fires up I usually wait until all the Bitdefender services are running before launching anything else but to do this I have to hover the cursor over the taskbar icon to see what's happening; a visual cue (perhaps the icon turning green or suchlike) indicating that everything's loaded, would be handy.