Bitdefender Virus Scanner Plus For Mac Vs Bitdefender For Mac

Hi Guys,

Hi Im an avid user of Bitdefender products on my windows machines. Currently I switched from windows to OSX and I found out that bitdefender have products designed for mac. I have a couple of questions that I hope somebody can kindly give an insight or a straight answer.

  1. What is the difference between Bitdefender AV for Mac and Bitdefender Virus Scanner Plus?
  2. I have a legit license of Bitdefender AV for Mac, can I use it on my new mac mini?
  3. If I buy the Bitdefender Virus Scanner Plus at the app store, can I use it on all my machines?

Thank you in advance :)


  • Hi guys just sharing what BD Support Team told me..

    Thank you for contacting Bitdefender support.

    Both products are approximately the same the only difference comes when

    registering and with the permissions.

    Bitdefender virus scanner plus ( from appstore) is linked to your apple

    account and can be installed on multiple devices which have the same apple id

    account (up to 5 devices).

    Upon installation Bitdefender virus scanner for mac asks permissions to access

    paths on the computer to scan (this is Apple tinkering here with users

    privacy, meaning that you have to ask for permissions to be able to scan

    different places in the OS)

    The product is available for at least 4-5 years until it will be pulled from


    The Bitdefender antivirus for Mac is installing via a different package and in

    a different location also it does not ask for permissions to scan different

    locations because it asks you for only 1 permission at the installation, no

    haste there

    The key is registered within the product and will expire when the days will

    run out.

    The functionality of the both products is the same The users will choose what

    flavor they want to purchase and use.