Report A False Alarm (false Positive)

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In order to improve our products and services, we have created a sample/URL submit form. The form can be used to report a false alarm or a false negative to the Bitdefender Labs (links and/or files).

After you submit the request, a ticket ID will be created in the system and the request will be automatically sent to the Bitdefender Labs.

Proper actions will be taken automatically for each case and an answer will be provided via email as soon as possible (depending on the number of samples or complexity)


"False Positive" - A false positive, also known as a false alarm or false detection occurs when an antivirus product wrongly detects a legitimate file or website as infected.

"False Negative" - A false negative is the opposite of a false positive. A false negative occurs when an antivirus product fails to detect a malware.

Note: file upload is limited to 20 MB

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