Cryptolocker And Ransonware Trojan Threats

Computer people are reporting a dangerous new malaware or trojan threat to business and home computers. The threat is malaware or a trojan (excuse my ignorance) commonly being referred to as cryptolocker or ransomware. Knowing BD has a state of the art mind set for its programs and is always upgrading its services, I have some specific questions for the BD technical staff.

Questions for BD: Is a properly installed and active BD 2014 security program installed on a PC using W7 or W8 in 32 or 64 bit mode, configured to detect, identify, and prevent the cryptolocker and similiar ranso ware attacks on a BD protected computer? As I understand it, most if not all PC users are, more likely than not, to download and open the trojan without being savy enough to identify the potential threats and take protective measures beforehand. My solution is BD 2014 and I run it in Auto-mode when I start. Am I sufficiently protected from this new threat, now? Obviously, the smart PC user must rely/is relying on hisor her BD security program to identify the intruder and protect his or her PC. So, my questions to you is this; is BD aware of this new threat? Has BD taken/taking steps revising the BD 2014 security software to counter it? As BD develops countermeasures to meet and nullify the threat, will it update its own Virus and Firewall programs in the BD 2014 seurity software and make the revised software available to BD subscribers as Updates?