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Why your antivirus so that it uses a lot of Internet bandwidth?

It is not suitable for those who have limited Internet

To solve this problem, there are software . Please download here

It seems to me that the anti-virus software will cause problems , However, I am using this software very useful !

Because I have no problem reducing the size of the Internet [my internet limited to 4Gb on month]

Why don't solve this problem ?

or Add this program [bitdefenderBandwidthFix] in Bitdefender For those who want to use this software feature


  • Mahdi
    edited January 2014
    An antivirus doesn't use internet bnadwidth but only when doing some updates. smile2.png

    In our country (Iran = 1 Mb/s and or Lower {rank #170}) due to this issue is the Internet , More than 1 million people around due to this problem other than not using BitDefender ! our country have Internet is too expensive ! And too slow speed !

    But Your Country : Romani = 50 Mb/s and or Upper (rank #3)

    It turns out that you do not feel (slow internet)

    And also you want to say that this is one of millions of people are wrong ? :wacko:

    Problem Is when download from Internet download manager and i want to pause but bitdefender using the internet ! That's the question for me is: What does he use?

    If your country is very high speeds internet ! It is not reasonable For To solve this problem !

  • Mahdi
    edited January 2014

    Continuing i said :

    If you think this section is not logical!

    So we'll have to use other anti-virus! These are not my words, here's what people are saying! If you do not believe me do your research!

    The BitDefender employees to spend just a few minutes to solve this problem ، happens and or Is problem happening ? Really!

  • Omg 4gb per month...where are you from...i dowloaded for 630 gb this month

  • Oh sry iran

  • Omg 4gb per month...where are you from...i dowloaded for 630 gb this month

    what ? You're serious? 630 GB per month !!!!!!!!!! :o:o:o:o:o:o :oo

    We have a dream .... just 50 Gb per month ..... and no more ..... Maximum using internet here 8 Gb per month [Limited]

    We have a dream .... just speed 1 mb/s ........ and no more ....... my internet speed is 300 Kb/s :(:((

    Bitdefender Using Trafic Internet and I'm so upset ... Better That is to say, we're upset !

  • 630 because of hd movies