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Boot Scan Of Large External Hard Drive

I have a system with a large (4TB) external USB hard drive. Recently on boot, the system is taking 6-7 minutes to start up. The USB drive is showing high levels of activity the entire time. Then once it stops, the system boot_s quickly (it has an SSD hard drive so boot_s normally take 45 seconds)

The best I can tell, Bitdefender is doing some type of 'on-boot' scan of the large hard drive. This seems to be a recent change. I don't want to disable AutoScan of USB devices across the board because I *do* want USB drives scanned when they are inserted. But it seems odd that BD would block the rest of the boot process to scan USB drives already connected.

I've looked through the settings, etc but can't seem to find anything related to the boot process for BD.

Any ideas?


  • Whenever I've had a scan start on an external USB drive, the window has a 'Stop' button (and right clicking the blueish/white B for the scan also has a pause and stop option). It doesn't seem to be responsive immediately, but once the scan starts rolling, you can stop it.

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    Hello and welcome to the Bitdefender forums, IT Xpress.

    Please try the following: bring up the Bitdefender interface and click the Settings button in the upper right corner of the window. Then, choose Antivirus panel and go to Exclusions tab. Here, set Scan USB devices to Disabled or Ask me Everytime.

    Feel free to post back should you need further assistance with your Bitdefender product. :)