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Poor Security: Clear Text Passwords In Wallet


I'm using Antivirus Plus and just noticed recently that my passwords are not very well protected in the Wallet feature. While I do need to enter my password when I log on to my PC, if anyone were to use my PC, all they need to do is go into Wallet, click Manage, and open my wallet. From there, all of my passwords are available to be seen in clear text.

I would have expected that I would need to enter my global password upon entry to manage these passwords. I'm told it's been added as a feature request but who knows how long that will take to get implemented.

I'm assuming the latest product versions still have this exposure as well. Can anyone tell my otherwise or have any suggestions for workarounds?


  • Actually, you can set a global password for your wallet. So a user needs to input a password before accessing those. smile2.png

    I realize there is a global password to be able to use and eee the passwords stored in the wallet, but it is entered either when I log on to my PC or when I open my browser. Both scenarios leave all of my passwords exposed in clear text to anyone what uses my PC.

    And as far as I can tell, there is no way to revoke the permission to use the wallet without rebooting my PC. So, for my own use, I have authenticated the use of the passwords in the wallet, but if someone uses my PC, they can easily go into my wallet and see all of my passwords. To be safe, I'd have to reboot my PC before letting anyone use it.

    That is unacceptable and makes for a useless feature!

  • Rohugh

    I turn my wallet off in the GUI if I leave the pc, when I return to the pc and I turn wallet on again I have to enter my password to access it. I don't have it set to ask for the password when I boot my pc.


  • antikythera
    edited February 2014

    Just a couple of suggestions if you haven't already gone down these routes:

    1. open AV+ interface, disable Wallet using the on/off switch and then close the interface.

    2. open the AV+ interface again and try turning wallet back on.

    Are you again asked for the global password? if not then

    Also, try the ask for password on application launch setting and also make sure protect if I leave my computer unattended is checked* (see attached).

    If you don't want to restart try logging off and on again or just locking the computer with these settings in place. To lock easily press Window Key+L together.

    *EDIT - posted the same time as post above. Seems like a decent solution.