Bitdefender Total Security> Wont Update And Firewall Is Not Aktiv!

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My firewall is not working and cant update bitdefender 2013 - Build and seems like my system is a bit slow today..

Havent really used my labtop for 2 days other then this night to download Utorrent, and it was asking if something about my firewall since that, it has been acting slow.. didn't even download anything after installing utorrent, was wacthing a movie on my tv.... ?

System specs:

Asus N550JV

i7 core

8 ram

700GB hdd

Plz help ! :'(


  • Edit !

    Well I have fix the problem ! but I was needed to optimze Windows 8 in order to make my labtop to start Again after i chose the repair option instead of uninstall option in hope of fixing the problem. in first it did, but when i restarted the secondt time (as i was asked to do), it just made it worse.. it went in repair mode and wasent starting Again..

    And after that...

    I was needed to install Windows 8 again by optimze option.. + Now I need to download and install all my games etc one more time !

    Just World of warcraft takes 2 days to download with all the updates to the game and with the internet speed i have..

    the sad thing is i just did that 5 days ago.. <_<