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Rescue Cd Doesn't See Disk Drive In Windows 8 Uefi Environment

edited February 2022 in The Archive

Downloaded BD rescue iso on 2/7/14

tried to use on HP notebook 2000 with Windows 8 with EUFI

I disabled secure boot in BIOS and enable Legacy boot

to boot from CD

Rescue starts, but does not see available disk partions

Is this version capable of recognizing GPT or only able

to identify MBR, as I presume this is the problem

Rescue only sees a small portion of disk memory, tries to update definitions but halts,

will start a scan but only sees a small disk partition ( the GPT maybe?)


  • csalgau

    Under windows 8, the default power off behaviour is hybrid shutdown. This closes user sessions and saves kernel state to disk in a partial hibernation.

    NTFS-3g, which is used to mount NTFS partitions, refuses to mount partitions in this state for fear of damage.

    To get around this, you may either disable this feature or make sure that you ask for a restart in windows.