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How To Resolve Possible Threats In Rescue Mode

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after a scan of some files in bitdefender rescue mode it found several possible threats. I don't know how to fix the issues because that button is not working only the finish button. How do I fix them. Will it do it automatically if I click on finish. If so why is there a fix issues button. Even if I highlight one of the files the fix button does not work. Thanks in advance.


  • csalgau

    Could you post a screenshot or save the log and upload it?

    Most probably the items cannot be fixed as no action is possible for them (for example for password protected items).

  • Sorry I cant load a screen shot as its on another computer. There is no password protection on anything on that computer though either. Odd indeed. I cant save the files I did get off the hard drive from that computer because they are all read only, so I cant save them either. my back up hard drive is not set up to be read only either. Also my firefox web browser needs to be updated to send them thru email and of course since this isn't a windows based program I can open the upgrade. <sigh> Thanks for trying to help though its much appreciated.

  • csalgau
    csalgau ✭✭
    edited March 2014

    If your drive is read only, that might be the issue blocking cleanup.

    As a workaround, you could try saving files to a FAT formatted flashdrive.

    I could imagine NTFS partitions in certain states are opened read-only for safety reasons.

    See if this is the case by typing `mount` in a terminal and checking if the partitions are mounted read-only.

    You might also try remounting them (something like `mount -o remount /media/drive`)

    Clues to the reason might show up on the first virtual terminal(try ctrl+alt+1) or in dmesg.