Problem Installing Funbridge


Recently I had to reformat my HD, reinstall Windows7 and BitDefender.

I have a problem now reinstalling an application to play bridge, FunBridge.... when I try it is blocked by BitDefender and there is no way to let BitDefender to allow its installation.

WHat can I do ?

Thanks, Gianni


  • Rohugh

    Hiya Gianni2927,

    If Funbridge is being blocked by BD please send in a Sample or URL submit form so they can sort it out.

  • columbo
    edited March 2014

    Gianni2927, are you getting a blocked page by Bitdefender so you can't even download the file? If that is the problem (as I received that warning), go into Settings/ Antivirus and in that window of On-access scanning, click Custom ->Traffic Scan and disable Scan HTTP traffic and click ok. Close out of BD, refresh/reload that web page and you should be able to download the file. Be sure to re-enable it when you're done.

    Bitdefender, Malwarebytes and all but one AV engine (VirusTotal) scanned that file as clean, so you may want to do as Rohugh suggested and submit that link for Bitdefender techs to Whitelist it.

    If the problem is other than the actual download, let us know, so we can proceed from there.