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Advance Mode

edited March 2014 in Feature request

Why you're more limited settings each year? [Deleting some setting every year]

why can not full control this antivirus and changing any setting , because i want to chose some setting !

i want Full control in All Feature ! i want to full access setting [Full Control Literally]

For Example any Access Denied setting Or not found setting by your company :

1- De-active Monitor downloading

2- Automatic Update Every 6 hour or 3 hour Ect.

3- Basic Mode , Normal Mode , Advance Mode

4- SandBox

5- [can not full access setting] For Example : can not stop scan or can not changing setting in the antivirus Ect.

and or Anti-theft can not live tracking

6- Can not Hide License key

7- Back Up setting and or Restore this setting

8- Default All settings

9- Secure Line (VPN)

10- Select Be action to be performed when a virus found (ask mode Or asking questions for action)

11- Select Be action to be performed when a potentially unwanted program is found (and or suspicious object is found)

12- when find malware site and blocking [can not allow this site forever (add to White List)]

13- Firewall panariod mode [can not remember any program and no asking later]

14- ****** scaning or exclusions

15- Report and send file a virus when bitdefender Unable to detect

16- show notification about newly created "allow" and "deny" rules in the firewall [on the user mode]

17- raw socket

18- Rescue mode [Too bad design and unintelligible]

19- Choose the language in a product

20- Please Upgrade Software Updater [Low identifiable Applications]

21- Please Do not Exit Bitdefender In all circumstances [When a failure occurs (crash), the Bitdefender do not close and will try to run again]

22- and Ect .....

Do not just think of yourself

Thank you very much !


  • Mahdi

    More options :

    22- Anti-Baner

    23- Parental Control [You can add many features - For Example : 1-Specified amount of Internet use 2-Specific value to use computers and ect.]

    24- When we changed the date on our license does not change [Add to Intelligent Systems]

    25- When Virus found [About + the behavior of each virus][more information of every virus]

    26- A full list of known viruses [Like Edition 2009]

    27- Firewall [This is very simple.] please Advanced Design

    28- Network Monitor [Any and all information related to software used for Internet]

    29- Virtual Keyboard [use everywhere]

    30- Network Attack Blocker

    31- system watcher [Rolls back malware action]

    32- FeedBack

    33- Trust digitally signed application

    34- Manage App+Virus+control [Optimizing]

    35- Access Monitoring Everything !

    36- and ect.

  • Mahdi
    edited March 2014

    More options :

    36- Automatic Virus Go to Quarantine [Do not save in event]

    37- Security Cloud ON/OFF

    38- Asking delete or move to quarantine or Trust file (add to exclude) or take proper action when found virus

    39- when full system scan choose mode : 1-Highest Speed for scan 2-Best Performance for scan

    40- Download Protection ON/OFF

    41- USB Protection ON/OFF

    42- Webcam Protection ON/OFF

    43- Anti-Tracing

    44- Scheduled scan

    45- Intelligent system for detecting failures (crash) and automatically send message to your for fix this issue

    46- Ever faster access to the configuration [optimizing]

    47- Cloud Security ON/OFF

    48- Like Qihoo360safe [interface+Fast Access] But Your antivirus is Regular [mention to good point]

    49- After setup request 1-Basic Mode 2-Normal Mode 3-Advance Mode+

    50- and Access Everything on the Bitdefender !

    I hope to help you ...

    Software Engineer Mehdi Ghasemi

    Thank You Very Much !

  • Mahdi

    excuse me [item 47 is a duplicate] :

    Number 47 modified : When Virus Restore From Quarantine Or Events . This Virus automatic add to Exclusions [or Ask a question]