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How To Rollback Particular Updates?


Hi there.

I had a some update a few days back which asked me to reboot my laptop I had been postponing it for a few days but finally gave in. The problem is since after that update or rather after the reboot my headphones/earphones do not get detected and of course do not work.

I have tried all other options like updating my audio drivers etc and trying new headphones etc but none of them are working in my laptop since after the update.

I don't know how an antivirus update will stop my earphones/headphones from working but it happened right after the update which required a reboot. And also I have tried all other options.

The update took place on 22/03/2014.

I want to try doing an update rollback and checking if its working. So want to know how to perform an update rollback of bitdefender.

Can someone please help me with this issue.

Thank you.