Browser Stops Working Since Installing Bitdefender


I have had a lot of problems with Chrome not working right after using the internet for 20 minutes or so. The only way to fix it is to restart my machine. Everything else works fine, but chrome will totally stop responding and crash if it is open, and then the same thing happens to Bitdefender after that. If I try to re-run either program after that, visually nothing happens on the screen, although the instances do show up in task manager. There will always be one instance of chrome in task manager that will not be allowed to be shut down after this as well. All other instances I am able to shut down. I have also tried running internet explorer after the problem occurs, and an IE window will pop up, but no page will load. It will just sit there waiting for the page to load forever. Because of this, I think bitdefender is screwing something up pretty badly.

I have tried many things to try to elminate features of bitdefender that might be causing the problem, but I think at this point I have disabled everything I possibly can. I am not using the wallet, I have shut off antivirus scans, antiphishing scans, I have put it in game mode, and out of autopilot mode. I have put on-access scanning into permissive mode, and active virus control into permissive mode. With all of this, the problem still happens. It also does not require me to be browsing the internet for it to happen. Some event unrelated to what I am manually doing on the computer is causing the problem to happen. I even have suspected that bitdefender is obstructing the updater for google chrome, and causes something to crash. I have no idea though. Answers would be appreciated, as bitdefender's life on my computer hangs in the balance. I am surprised I have maintained the patience to give the software this much of a chance.

My ideal antivirus software:

1)Protects my machine from problems

2)Does not inhibit me from having normal use of my machine

3)Is user controllable

4)Is Stable

Right now I think bitdefender is failing #'s 2-4. Even if there is a bug, I should be able to disable whatever function is not working so I can still use my machine normally.

Windows 7 Professional 64 bit

Bitdefender info is attached in the picture.





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    Hello, Engineer Kev.

    Welcome to the Bitdefender forums.

    If you have other security solutions please uninstall them.

    If the issue persists, reset your browsers to their default settings. If you don't know:

    - for Google Chrome, please access the link below

    - for Internet Explorer, please access this link

    Feel free to post back if the issue persists.

  • I will give it a shot resetting my browser. Hopefully that will work. The only other security software I am running is zone alarm firewall. The firewall is just as important to me as the virus scanner. That is disappointing if they will not run together. I used to use PC tools until they got bought out and buried by Norton, and it worked perfectly in conjunction with zone alarm firewall. It doesn't really make sense to have to give up a firewall in order to have a virus scanner. I can understand two firewalls not getting along, or two virus scanners, but it doesn't make sense to me that a firewall and a virus scanner should conflict.