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In Bitdefender Internet Security 2014 no Russian! In 2013 there and I know it. I'm talking about the 2014 version!

Site about the brakes and it's awful! Look at your competitors - avast, dr-web, kaspersky. That is what they have strong support in Russian, it would be great if done the same for bitdefender. I really like this antivirus in terms of security, it is currently the best in all tests and reviews. But I would like to pay more attention to developers Russian audience.

Yes, you have a site in Russian, but it is not fully translated here for example:

I spoke about the transfer program as well as on site where there is a shifted English and Russian, as well as sometimes redirect to English site.

Website design as it's from 2000. He bulky, heavy, horrible typography and fonts. I'm not talking about the design. The best example of Avast.To interface with the program itself is also true. Hire the best designer!

Make your product better in the eyes of consumers!