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Why I Do Not Use Safepay Yet



When opening my online bank accounts, I tend to do so with the intention of crosschecking the numbers with my budgeting software. Another example is when I do an online direct deposit, it is easier to have it windowed next to a window explorer window so that I can just click and drag scanned images into the bank webpage. So much so that it seems like I always forgo the safepay functionality.

Only recently found that you can switch between desktop and the safepay desktop. But that is still a bit of a hassle---ideally in those situations you want to be comparing between two windows on the same screen.

Is there a reason that it is in its own full screen desktop and not in a windowed safebox? If I bought a new monitor to do dual screen, could I have my budgeting software up on one screen and the safepay in the other? My ideal solution would be to have it in a window instead of full screen if that does not lower the security.

I'd like to use safepay!