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Please Add Feature In Parental Control


Please Add Feature in PARENTAL CONTROL :

For Example :

1- Smart identifiable pornographic films and video and image [Control and Blocking]

2- Live Tracking Device

3- Limit Internet Use [Time+Traffic]

4- Limit PC Use [Time]

5- Get a Screenshot on PC every 1 Min [or ect.]

6- Get a Video on Desktop

7- Written record of the IM

8- Record call and sms

9- Record Use everything and Listening to music and watching movies [Record name for example: D:/movie/1/guy.mp4]

10- Control and Blocking File (Video , Music , Word and ect.]

11- And control any other activity

Thank You Very Much !


  • Mahdi

    12- Schedule for application

    13- Control By antivirus [Like Version 2012]

    14- Set Password For Only Parental Control [For On/OFF]

    15- Active Parental Control By Web [Remote]