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Bitdefender Ts2014 Stopped Working Properly

garioch7 Defender of the month ✭✭✭✭✭

Good day. I have been running BDTS2014 for several months now without problems. Yesterday, the security widget disappeared and could not be made to reappear by clicking it in settings. This morning, Bitdefender

would not launch properly. There was a long lag for it even to permit me to update before it showed my licence information. All of my exclusion lists had disappeared and when I recompleted them, they would

disappear when I re-launched BD. I tried doing a repair from the Windows Control Panel. That hung for 30 minutes at 25 percent, so I killed it, downloaded and ran the uninstall tool and then reinstalled BD TS 2014.

It installed OK and it appears to be running fine now. No viruses found in the system scan, except for a few cookies. Malwarebytes Anti-Maleware 2.01 Premium also comes back negative from full scan. Running

Windows 7 x64 Pro. Computer is an i7 with 16 GB RAM.

Not sure what caused BD to go south. There haven't been any major updates. Is this just a glitch, or have others experienced the same behaviour?

Have a great day.



Former Bleeping Computer Malware Response Instructor


  • I have had no problems although I have noticed a few issues when running MBAM Premium 2.0. MBAM is still relatively new and so for the moment I have backed off to the free version of MBAM and only run a scan on demand. Have you added the exclusions for MBAM in Bitdefender - and vice versa?

  • garioch7
    garioch7 Defender of the month ✭✭✭✭✭


    Thanks for your response. Yes, I have MBAM set to ignore Bitdefender and vice versa. I note that after the BD TS 2014 reinstall this AM, the BD Security Widget takes about five minutes to show up on the bottom of

    the screen. It formerly appeared as a part of the boot-up process, so there is definitely something going on, slowing down BD perhaps. I have 16 GB or RAM and an overclocked i7 CPU so the computer should be

    capable of handling any "excessive" CPU loading that others have been complaining of in these Forums of late.

    Any ways, if it is just my platform, that's OK. All computers are unique and perhaps an update from Windows, MBAM, or BD will sort things out eventually. I do system images weekly so I am not overly concerned.

    Thanks again, Rohugh. Have a great day.



    Former Bleeping Computer Malware Response Instructor